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Be who you want...
do what you want...
In our upcoming end time
Multiplayer Game

Supports Pandemic Diamonds
and many other tokens on the

The basics:
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TGC World

With TGC World we create a metaverse and provide our players with a new blockchain based online 3D infrastructure where they will be able to interact, play and trade with their avatars.

The Story

In 2032, a coordinated mass hacking attack took place,throwing the world economy into chaos and causing the financial system to collapse after 6 months.
The collapse prompted a number of countries to switch from the previous country's currency to cryptocurrencys & blockchain technology to rebuild the economy

Now it is the year 2046
The world has changed after the collapse from 2032!
The Blockchain technology is now everywhere and the TGCD token has become a global currency.

The citizens of TGC World will be able to design their own skins and create various unique objects.
All created objects will be created on the Blockchain as NFT and can be traded among each other in various stores ingame.
The main focus of TGC World is the social interaction between citizens and the creation of content / objects.
But there are also exciting quest lines (Main- / Sidequests ) waiting in TGC World where it will not be boring!

Citizens can take different jobs to earn Pandemic Diamonds and other Enjin based tokens and NFT or they can enjoy the numerous leisure activities and play for example in one of our partner casinos or visit a nightclub and meet new people.

Do what you want!
Be what you want!
in TGC World this becomes possible.

Take a look at the features and possibilities planned so far and get one of our Founder Packs to support the development of TGC World.

- Solve the quests
- Open your own store and sell goods or services in game and in real life
- Try your luck in our partner casinos and hit the jackpot
- Become a street gangster and build your own gang
- Buy and rent apartments and become a real estate Mongol

TGC World our newest game is scheduled for release in mid 2022 for PC and consoles as a multiplayer game!

Your possibilities:
In addition to the basic functions,
there are other ways to become successful and build your fortune in TGC World!.
Get your own Club
Open your own club and earn with it.
Hire Dj's to stream live and get users dancing.
Open your own store
Take the opportunity to open your own store and sell real goods!
With a store integration for the most popular Shop-Systems
Build your real estate empire
Buy buildings and rent them to other users!
Everyone will need an apartment or even their own store!

buy your virtual goods in our Virtual Store!

A little insight into the progress so far
Here we will constantly provide you with the latest and most up-to-date videos about TGC World.
Get an insight into the development and stay up to date.
More information and videos will follow soon!
Our Partners
You have a store or another blockchain based project and want to promote it ingame?
contact us and we will make you our offer!!.
Online Blockchain Casino
NO ONE DOES IT LIKE 888STARZ.BET is a fully licensed social gaming platform that will blow your mind!
Their innovative hybrid system cleverly combines traditional gaming with the advantages of blockchain technology,
which guarantees transparency and freedom.
Tron SR'C
TRON-Family is a Super Representative Partner who stands for community work and development.

With their useful tools like the Desktop Wallet or Tron radar,
they help not only us but the whole Tron community!
Support Us
Spesial Plans
support us with the development
Buy a Founder pack and get exclusive game accesss & items!

buy your virtual goods in our Virtual Store!

As the owner of a Starter Pack you can claim your ingame goods with the start of the beta.

Standard Pack

☛ closed beta access
☛ 1 Starter apartment (NFT)
☛ Starter Pack Clothes

Golden Pack

☛ closed beta access
☛ 2 Starter apartments (NFT)
☛ Advance Pack Clothing (NFT)
☛ Unique weapon (NFT)

Platinum Pack

☛ Alpha Test Access
☛ 5 Starter apartments (NFT)
☛ Expert Pack Clothing (NFT)
☛ Unique weapon (NFT)
☛ Unique character (NFT)